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COMBINE: Operation failed due to geometry condition

Question asked by Jordi Pérez on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by Pete Hinkey

Hi everybody,


I'm trying to add simple extrusions to a case and I am not able to combine it all together, not with the merge result option while extruding and neither combining after the extrude.


I've tried by extruding through the target body instead of "up to body", also extruding from an offset and stretching out the contourns in order to prevent planes and edges coincidences that sometimes cause troubles... Not succes by trimming and knitting surfaces as alternative to solid features...


I don't know what else to try...








UPDATE (Things I've tried and how I finally avoided the issue)

     Extrude without merging + Combine

     Up to next, body, surface and blind

     Uncheck draft angle

     Auto and manual select to Feature Scope

     Split and Knit surfaces instead of solid features

     Edited in context and edited into the part file

     Opposite direction extrude with no merge, redraw the sketch by convert entities and extrude-merge again. That actually worked into the next point's workaround.

     Raw cut of the conflictive part to Parasolid export. Re-open into SolidWorks and get the extrussion at the end. Save again as Parasolid and insert into the original part. That made my day but definitely blowed my mind into this topic...



     COMBINE.x_t Cut exported from the original that works when imported into SW again

     COMBINE.sldprt Merged extrussion reached by the Parasolid transplanting method

     COMBINE 2.sldprt Cut inserted into new part from the original. Merged extrussion stills not working...