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How can I create miters on two (or more) seperate edge flanges.

Question asked by Douglas Giersch on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by Bernie Daraz

G'day from Australia,

I am attempting to create a sheet metal project that won't be viable to make from one piece and requires two ends of a 5 sided box to be welding in, however both sections include two edge flanges, apart from using miter flange (unable to on seperate base flanges) I can not create a clean miter on Both flanges, I can create one clean miter on the first edge by simply modifying sketch on flange to 45degres, but having a lot of trouble getting the second flange to minimal gap on the radius for ease of tig welding.

Thanks for any assistance

Doug Giersch

Apprentice Fitter Machinist in the Australian food industry.