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How can I add browse open documents to my 's' key?

Question asked by Otis Clapp on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Otis Clapp

I find that the most efficient way to switch back and fourth between all the files I am working on is to use the 'browse open files' that is located in the tool bar under the "open" folder.  I know that I can hit 'r' and bring up the 'browse recent documents' window, but that is usually populated with a bunch of stuff that I don't want to use and not the stuff that I am using (aka the files I have open).  I would really like a quick shortcut to bring up the 'browse open documents' window, and I thought sticking it under the 's' key would be useful.  Problem is, I can't find that command in the available commands for the 's' key.


Is there a shortcut for the 'browse open documents', and if so what is it?   If there is not a shortcut for the 'browse open documents' command, is there a way to add it to my 's' key?


If there is a better way to look through all your open files than using the 'browse open documents' command, I would love to hear that option too.