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Looking for alternatives when preparing imported bodies

Question asked by Jordi Pérez on May 26, 2017

Hi everybody,


I'm working with several plastic parts imported from NX (Parasolid) and my job now is to modify them with Solidworks, so I have to find the best way to transform the part in order to make it parametric but taking advantage of the geometry already existing.


I guess that Feature Recogniser should be my very best friend in this kind of situations, but I'm not taking a good advantage from it because the pieces are a bit complex and I'm not using it as deeply as possible I think...


Anyway, I'm posting a typical example and my particular solution explained.


It would be great if you take a look and suggest alternatives and feature combinations that can improve my current approach. Specially into the 4th step, where I tried different features that didn't work and I don't know why...


The point here is to transform this part...


Into this one... But with parametrical thicken and fillets and everything possible, not just deleting and moving faces.


Here a picture of the most conflictive step (Add low surface):


My feature tree has been the next, divided in 5 main steps:



1 - Prepare and place geometry (Move, Offset 0mm, Delete face)

2 - Make thickenable (Delete faces, Untrim, Surfaces, Knit) -Knit step can be avoided by merge option into Surface fill and Untrim-

3 - Kill fillets (Delete faces, Untrim, Heal edges, Surfaces, Mutual trimming, Knit and Fillet)

4 - Thicken (Cap and Shell)

5 - Add low surface (Extrude Cut, Delete faces, Knit already prepared faces) -Before the Extrude Cut option I tried Parting line, Project line and extrude surface up to body... even running 1mm through the faces to cut, all with the same Sketch.)-

6 - Offset low surface (Delete face, Offset, Untrim, Filled Surface)


As I said, I'm just looking for suggestions and alternatives in order to make a better use in the future, so all you can contribute will be very welcome.


Thank you!!