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How to align 3D spline to sketch sweep twisted along path at end face?

Question asked by Nick Vergunst on May 26, 2017
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I am trying to model some wire. 4 conductors from a connector to another connector and twisted along the way. This means that the last 1cm or so from the connector it has to "untwist" and become linear so that it mates into a 1x4 2mm pitch connector. What I have is below. But it is still bugging me that I can't get my spline to align with the end of the twisted sweep.


The 4 wires are circles on a sketch. Then a line was drawn some distance perpendicular to that, and a sweep was performed that twisted along the path of the line, giving the twisted bit its length. The "copper" part of the stripped wire are just extruded circles, parallel plane to the original 4 circles for the wires, just smaller and arranged 1x4 instead of 2x2. Now I need to make that 1cm piece of wire that continues the curve of the twisted sweep and then fans out linearly to finally connect with the circle. Currently I am using a 3D Sketch of a spline from the center of the twisted wire to the center of the copper conduit. Then a circular sweep on that 3D Sketch with the circle diameter equal to the diameter of the 2x2's twisted circles. The result is the image below. I think it is close, but you can tell if you look at the reflections that the intersection between the 3D Sketch Spline Sweep and the Twisted Sweep are not continuous. I don't really need it to be perfect, but I want to figure out how to do it incase it does need to be in the future. Any ideas? Thankyou.

Twisted Compact 1x4 3D Spline Normalcy.png