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    Equation value changes with each rebuild

    Chris Pratt

      In the attached part, in the first sketch, dimension 8 changes in value each time I: "Exit Sketch" -> <Right Click> -> "Edit Sketch" (see circled in attached pictures). Has anyone else encountered this and have a solution to fixing it?


      I could delete everything and start over, but need a non-destructive solution for when this is not a option. This is the core issue of a related problem where trying to create a offset of the dimensioned curve (see attached pictures) makes a unsolvable constraint error. I have previously confirmed unsupported graphics card which has caused buggy visuals (but not buggy calculations).


      I am running: SolidWorks 2017, Windows 10, on a laptop, 8GB ram, HD Graphics 530 Graphics card, Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU.