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Double nest extrusion works in 1 part but not the next?

Question asked by Jerry Watts on May 26, 2017

I have a Control Panel with a logo with a frame around it, some letters positive, some negative.  It's a "double nested extrusion" that I made myself a several months ago and thought, wow this is a great new feature because always before I had to make it in pieces.


I made a copy to work on the next rev.  When I took out part of the lettering in Boss-Extrude2 the logo caused the extrusion to fail with a message about "Double Nested Extrusion".  Backed up and removed one line of lettering at a time closing the sketch after each one and discovered deleting "240VAC..." caused the logo to fail.  Why?


I have attached a "Test" file with "240VAC..." still in there.  If you take that out (240...) the extrusion will fail until you also take the lettering out of the logo.