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Double nest extrusion works in 1 part but not the next?

Question asked by Jerry Watts on May 26, 2017

I have a control panel with a logo that is apparently a double nested extrusion.  I created it myself and thought at the time I love this new feature.


I made a copy of the control panel to work on the next rev. and when I remove some of the lettering from Boss-Extrude2 suddenly the logo generates a "double nested extrusion" mssg. and the extrusion fails.  IF I remove 1 line of lettering at a time, closing the sketch in between, the retrotec logo works fine until I delete "Input 240VAC...", that's where it fails.


I tried copying the logo to a separate sketch and the double nest doesn't carry over, have to do the lettering separately.


Aggravating because I frame letters frequently.  I've attached both the original and the copy.