Craig Riedel

Ready to upgrade!....... Or am I?

Discussion created by Craig Riedel on Dec 23, 2008
This time of year is typically when we upgrade all of our SolidWorks seats for the simple fact that most people are out of the office. Makes the process a little less painfull. We usually don't even hesitate to upgrade ( after the first service pack), because for whatever reason, the majority of the reported bugs do not effect the way we work. But I have become a little uneasy because of some of the posts I've been reading in the forums about PDMWorks workgroup. I guess I'm looking for a little feedback from the people who have made the jump to 2009 and use the vault on a daily basis. We are in and out of the vault all day long every day, and the last thing I want to do is make the call to upgrade and find out it was the wrong decision. For those of you who have upgraded, is there anything that you would consider to be a show stopper? Thanks in advance for any feedback.