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FeatureWorks disabled for .ipt Import in 2017

Question asked by Tyler Davis on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Rachel Yang

We just switched to SW 2017 this week and I'm having trouble running FeatureWorks on customer's inventor files.  Yesterday I tested it out on a part and it seemed run just fine. However, this morning I imported several parts and now "Recognize features.." in the FeatureWorks menu is greyed out for every model I open.  Is there an extra step we now have to perform in 2017? 


Side question: Is anyone having issue with zoom using the mouse scroller in 2017?  Several co-workers and I have noticed the zoom in/out is extremely laggy on most parts we open regardless of file size. Anything else has run smoothly; just the zoom that's bad.