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How to tell what version was used??

Question asked by Christina Seay on Dec 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2009 by Christina Seay
Ok... I'm probably missing something incredibly obvious here... but...

How do find out what revision and version of a file was actually used in an assembly??

For example...

I have an Assembly1 with 2 parts.. Part1 and part2..

When I made the Assembly1 and released it for manufacturing,
Part1 is revision 2 version 4

Since then I have made Assembly2 that uses Part1 in it, but I revised it and now
Part1 is revision 3 version 7

On Assembly1, Part1 was revision 2 version 4... how can I find that information??

All I can find is where it's telling me that the version is my local cache isn't the latest version that's in the vault... but not what version was actually used in Assembly 1.