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Detail View With Foreshortened Dimension. Looking for your methods used!

Question asked by Anthony Macke on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Scott Giffin



I'm redrawing this part in Solidworks.


I am not coming up with a good way in Solidworks to show a dimension like the foreshortened Ø14" dimension in the "enlarged view" seen above.



This is my want my Ø19.94 dimension to look like the Ø14 dimension in the auto-cad screenshot. To where the dimension isn't shooting off the drawing border. I can hide the dimension and extension lines above the Ø19.94 text, but that still leave the line the dimension is going to out in the middle of nowhere. I keep getting a feeling I'm over looking a simple detail to something that's easy to accomplish.




Any tips/tricks?


I'm posting this because I'm curious to see what methods others use.


Thanks in advance!