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    Detail View With Foreshortened Dimension. Looking for your methods used!

    Anthony Macke



      I'm redrawing this part in Solidworks.


      I am not coming up with a good way in Solidworks to show a dimension like the foreshortened Ø14" dimension in the "enlarged view" seen above.



      This is my progress...lol...I want my Ø19.94 dimension to look like the Ø14 dimension in the auto-cad screenshot. To where the dimension isn't shooting off the drawing border. I can hide the dimension and extension lines above the Ø19.94 text, but that still leave the line the dimension is going to out in the middle of nowhere. I keep getting a feeling I'm over looking a simple detail to something that's easy to accomplish.




      Any tips/tricks?


      I'm posting this because I'm curious to see what methods others use.


      Thanks in advance!