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    Is there a file size limit in Visualize standard?

    Cory Lehr

      I am currently working on an assembly in Visualize 2017 SP0 standard and could get the program to crash my graphics card then it wouldn't run properly after (viewport would be extremely pixelated).  Since I can't share the file here I will do my best to explain it.  I have an object that I'm rendering with some expanded metal in areas and some more organic shapes in other areas.  I don't have too many appearances added (10 total) and have groups of 5 decals that are applied to the organic shapes.  Since I can't create the configurations that you can in the pro version I am disabling the ones I'm not using and adding others for different finish options.  The file has 5 different finishes in it right now (25 decals) and when I try to get a 6th option the preview will work perfectly but upon rendering it will crash and the failure says it was unable to render the background.  There isn't a background image applied and I'm trying to get a PNG as the output with the alpha.  I do have it set to Hybrid so it uses the CPU and GPU at the same time.  My machine is a windows 7 x64 machine with an overclocked i7 processor, NVIDIA Quadro 4000, and 12 GB of ram.  Has anyone else ran into this error while rendering?  The file size without the 6th set of decals in it is sitting at 96MB right now.  I am able to create a copy of the project and after deleting all the other decals I can add the new set then the render works perfectly.  Any help is appreciated.

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          Chris Dordoni

          I don't use Visualize, however, from your description is sounds like the video ram might be getting maxed out. Although I would think Hybrid rendering would prevent this.


          Most likely you have tried rendering without GPU, (CPU rendering only) but just in case you have not ...

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              Brian Hillner

              Hi Chris,

              Thanks for the insight; you are correct.


              Hi Cory,

              Running Visualize in GPU or Hybrid mode will result in using the VRAM (video memory) on the graphics card to process your model in Visualize. You can change this setting in Tools > Options > 3D Viewport tab. Uncheck 'Automatic' and you can change the hardware using for Visualize:


              Your Quadro 4000 has only 2GB of VRAM, but will likely render faster than your CPU.

              Your CPU has 12GB of ram, so you can open up larger models, but will be slower to render than your GPU.


              Rule of thumb:  Visualize can open 5 million polygons per 1GB of VRAM/RAM. So your Quadro 4000 can import a model up to 10 million polygons (2GB x 5 million), whereas running in CPU modeyou can import a model up to 60 million polygons (12GB x 5 million).


              You can see how many polygons your model is in Visualize in the HUD (Heads Up Display) at the bottom of the screen:

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                Bill Toft

                Also try GPU only.

                There is another thread regarding decals and only one type of mapping is supported.

                Finally, upgrade from SP0 to SP3. Lots of enhancements/fixes with each SP.

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                Cory Lehr

                So I re-opened that project to try it in GPU mode only and it still crashes the video card driver and fails.  I was trying to run it in Hybrid mode as it seems to be the best option.  When I ran it as CPU only it was estimating taking more than 4 times longer to run.  I did close out of everything before running the test and the project has less than 900,000 polygons.  I did create a duplicate of the project and got it to work just was curious as to why it would crash the video card every time and not render.