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Question asked by Jack Babay on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by Joshua Goldin

     Hello. We recently upgraded to the latest 2017 service pack, I think "3", and all of a sudden when I open up older drawings the sheets have error messages where custom properties were linked in the sheet format from before. It is as if there are not any custom properties entered, the errors occur, am not exactly sure?


Does anyone know how to correct this issue? For right now, I am either opening up the part or assembly and opening up a custom properties template and it corrects the problem, even if the properties are left blank. But, more times then not, I have to go into the drawing property window and reselect my drawing sheet that does not have these custom property links in it and it takes care of the problem. But then I have to write over the document to get it to save that way.


Thanks in advance for any assistance in this problem!