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    Background Downloader

    Emily Basford

      Hi All,


      Apologies if this is complete naivety but I'm a bit new to Solidworks support.


      Solidworks does not appear to be updating on our machines any more. The background downloaded always reports there are no updates available even when we know they are.


      I've grabbed the log from the machine I'm not sure if this points me in the right direction but just wondering if I could have some help please?



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          Jaja Jojo

          Please don't post any log file because it may contain your serial number. Are in active subscription if yes then you should asked your VAR send them your log files not in here to be safe

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            Emily Basford

            I've taken the logs down and can send them through should anyone need them.

            Does anyone have any information?


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              Christian Chu

              Best way is to contact your VAR for confirming your subscription

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                Rick McDonald

                As others questioned, are you currently on subscription on the seats you expect to get the updates on?

                Be sure you automatic down-loader is actually set to download.

                What things are you expecting to have downloaded?  Not everything is automatically downloaded.  It depends on your having a current subscription on the seat that you expect to receive downloads, only things like service packs and certain type files will be downloaded automatically, if your on a Standard seat your are not going to get files that require you to have a higher level seat.  There are certain add-on or separately purchased packages that require you to have a subscription for or have paid for separate from your SW seat.

                Before attaching any system files from your computer to this or any forum, be sure it does not contain personal or private information  like names, computer network IP addresses, serial numbers, etc.  If you are going to attach the files (not Usually necessary) you must be sure to remove any personal information (you can do searches in the files for these items or parts of them and then delete the items).

                Best suggestion is to contact your VAR (as has been suggested above) - they will be able to solve the issue or inform you why it is not working.

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                  Chris Berry

                  Emily works for my company as IT support (Hi Emily! ), what she has written is not exactly correct. (sorry).


                  The problem is that the Background Loader is being killed/closed within a sec or two of being started when checking for updates. At first we thought it was the McAfee anti-virus killing it but it turns out its not that. It seems to be a Admin policy issue as the admin rights have recently been revoked for all users including all the Solidwork users (boo!!), we are now lowly mortals with no rights to install/uninstall etc. However, Solidworks itself along with other SW Tool programs (Toolbox Settings, Property Tab Builder etc) all work fine & open & close without issue. It seems that the Background Downloader gets killed/closed only when 'check for updates' is clicked.

                  The Background Downloader works fine when logged in as a local admin.