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    Cosmos Express Capabilities?

    Chris Dolejska
      Not even sure this is the correct forum for this question.

      I have the basic SW 2008 with Cosmos Express.

      Is this just an introductory program? How powerful is it?

      I have a medium complex frame with about 150 steel tubes of about 8 different section sizes. I want to load test it but it's drawn as an .sldasm so I'll have to re-draw it all as a .sldprt weldment. Is Cosmos Express going to handle this?

      Just to test I drew a basic 1.5" sq tube cube with 18 pieces. All edges and diagonals. Tried a basic load test and at first it failed until taking the segment size to min, then it took about 10 minutes to compute.

      (side question, what's the dif between Cosmos Works and Cosmos Express?)
        • Cosmos Express Capabilities?
          A full complex frame might be too much for Cosmos Xpress to handle. Xpress is a limited version of CosmosWorks. Xpress will only mesh the model with a solid tetrahedral element. Because of the aspect ratio of tube length to wall thickness being high, you had to reduce the default mesh size to get your test problem to run. Cosmos Works has multiple element types, one of which is a beam element. This is a much more effecient element type for structures as your frame.
            • Cosmos Express Capabilities?
              Chris Dolejska

              Wayne Matus wrote:


              Xpress is a limited version of CosmosWorks.

              I guess that's the main thing I needed to know.

              I wonder if just removing the radiused corners on the tubing profile would help to simplify the model, and whether that would cause inaccuracies compared to real world. It would be nice to run this analysis without having to upgrade.