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Drawing of assembly open. Possible to create additional sheets and detailing individual parts?

Question asked by Nuno Marques on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by Christian Chu

Hi all.


Very new to SW. Have a question related to drawings. So I model a couple of parts and make some assemblies with them. Then I make my final assembly with the sub-assemblies previously mentioned. Now I'm detailing the assembly but also need to detail the sub-assemblies and then the individual parts. Will I have to create a new drawing for each, or can I just create sheets in the main assembly and somehow right click a part in a view and "send to new sheet" or whatnot?


I know I can open the individual parts and assemblies and create a new sheet and then select the sub or part, but in this case the document properties I get in my Title Block pertain to the main assembly and not the sub or inserted part.


Maybe I'm making this overly complicated. Suggestions appreciated.