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    Rotation not available in 2009?

    Doug Calvert
      I have been trying to work with rotating components in Flo 2009 and I cannot
      find the option that lets me define one.

      I also imported completed successful runs from 2008 sp5, and when it is
      imported into 2009 it disables the rotating components. Has something
      been changed in Simulation 2009?
        • Rotation not available in 2009?
          Doug Calvert
          Perhaps no one else is having this issue. I have found not so solidworks 2009
          and newly re-named Simulation 2009 to be following in Microsofts footsteps
          of the most bug laden yet. At least when you pay for tech support with Microsoft
          they more times than not provide somewhat of a solution. I'm still trying to
          discover exactly what the "subscription services" provides to end users.

          Perhaps service pack 2.0 will fix all the problems they created with service pack 1.0
          • Rotation not available in 2009?
            I do not remember if we had ability to specify rotating components in 2008, but in 2009 we can specify rotating faces. You can select a component and it will seloect all of the faces of the component. You can even turn on a filter to unselect all faces of the component outside the computational domain. Look at the Textile Example in the online tutorials.