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    part level annotations in assembly drawings?

      Is it possible to create an annotation on a part, use that part in an assembly, then put that assembly into a drawing and show the part level annotations?

      I have tried several different ways without success. Any help would be appreciated!

        • part level annotations in assembly drawings?
          Roy Potter
          Not to sure what you're after.
          However you could set up a custom property, link this in the part and then link this in the drawing.
            • part level annotations in assembly drawings?
              Ultimately, I would like to create an annotation with part number and description on all the parts that I use in order to speed up the drawing stage. I can get that annotation to the drawing if I create a drawing view of the part alone. When I put the same annotated part into an assembly, then into the same drawing, the annotations are no longer visible. It's the same drawing file so all the settings are the same, and I have chosen to import all annotations on view creation. There must be something I'm missing.....