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Power source modulation to reach specified body temperature

Question asked by Matthew King on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by Matthew King

I'm working on a new assembly design that needs to be held within a specific temperature window.  I would like to determine approximate power loads required to maintain a specific temperature.  For confidentiality purposes I can not share the model.  Here is a simplified question about my application:


Imagine I have a stainless steel block with an internal fluid flowing through it.  Two heater are mounted on the same face of the block, one towards the inlet and other towards outlet.


My model is setup with the following information:

External, steady-state flow simulation

Radiation, Conduction in solids, Gravity

Thermal contact resistance between block and heaters (values experimentally found for several ambient pressures)

Flow of 50 sccm N2 through the block at 250 torr

Ambient is 20degC, 200 torr, N2 gas


We want to keep the fluid at 300degC and I want to determine the power input required to maintain this temperature along path.  I can insert points in the path directly below the heaters and setup point goals for each.  Then I was trying to set the heater power dependent on the temperature of fluid, but, I'm having difficulty with the equation input for the heater volume source.


I'm ultimately looking to setup scenarios to determine approx powers needed for several gas species, flow rates, pressures, etc...



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