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Toolbox - multiuser problems

Discussion created by Johan K on Dec 22, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2009 by Paul Scheper
We are using SW 2008 SP5.0 and have serious problems with toolbox and working in multiuser environment.
When my colleague has a model open with for example a toolbox part "hex-bolt ISO4017" I cannot ad the same type of part in to my model.

I recieve the error:
Toolbox - Drop File Error
Erro: The toolbox part file `S:\Construction\SolidWorks\SolidWorks Data\Browser\iso\bolts and screws\hex bolt gradeab_iso.sldprt is currently being modified by `user`. Please try again in a few moments.

We have put the SolidworksData folder on a common server (read-only).

In tool/options we have "create configurations" checked (we have also tried the create parts alternative).
We have changed the "Hole wizard and toolbox folder" to our common server:
s:\construction\solidworks\solidworks data\

Does anyone have the perfect solution for working with toolbox parts in a multiuser environment and at the same time having the possibility to "pack and go" and deliver the assembly to or customer without loosing any data?