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    Spring mate

    Martin Bialy

      I haven't been able to find an answer for this so here it goes!:


      I've got these two clevis connectors mated in a slot. Imagine that there is a spring going off axially from each clevis. When you rotate the main part one clevis will become unloaded where the other becomes loaded by hitting the end of the slot. Is there a way to create a mate that models a spring force? Minimizes the distance between two parts, while maintaining the constraints of all the other mates?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Calculate the distance and then try using limit distance mate.

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            Dan Pihlaja

            I assume that you want the following:

            When the left side of the main part is up, then right clevis is tangent to the edge of the top of the right slot and down.

            But when the left side of the main part is moved downward, then the right clevis moves upward, until the "spring" free length is met, then stops moving upward while the main part continues on.


            And the opposite for the left clevis.


            My first thought is a virtual cam that is under each clevis.   You could have a point on each end of the main part drive the angle of the cam, which would raise and lower the clevis's.


            2nd thought is to do the same thing as the cam, except with sketch points and sketched paths.  with the sketch points coincident to the sketch path.


            Limit mate like Deepak suggested might be your best bet....Not sure though.

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              Naga Ranjith Kumar Addagalla

              Hi Martic Bialy,


              Please find the attachment.  I assume the following tutorial might be helpful for your work.  Please check it.

              Free SolidWorks Tutorial: Dynamic Spring - YouTube



              Naga Ranjithkumar A