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milky white clear plastic

Question asked by Lukas De Wever on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Paul Salvador

Dear people on the Solidworks forum,


I'm working on a project in which I try to get a clear plastic with a milky bluriness.

The product is polypropylene and I'm trying to get the effect of the real life photo in attachments.

My renders have the bluriness, more or less, but the color becomes grey instread of white.


I can't figure out why the material has this grayish look.

Can someone explain plz and suggestsetting changes?


tanks in advance!


The material properties:


Outer tube: propylene clear plastic

     diffuse amount: 0.6

     specular amount: 0.3

     specular color: white

     specular blur: 0.6

     reflection amount 0.1

     transparent amount: 0.7

     double sided rounded edges 0.5mm and refraction index of 4; roughness 0.02


inner part: acrylic clear plastic (had refraction problems with polypropylene parts in another polyproylene part)

     diffuse amount: 0

     specular amount: 0.01

     specular color: white

     specular blur: 0

     reflection amount 0.005

     transparent amount: 1

     refrec index 4


fluid container: acrylic clear plastic

      diffuse amount: 0.2

     specular amount: 0.1

     specular color: white

     specular blur: 0.3

     reflection amount 0.005

     transparent amount: 0.85

     refrec index 4; rounded edges 0.4mm


overall settings:

     plain white background




     best; custom refractions and reflections on 32

     gamma 1.6


     direct caustics (not sure if graphic card supports this)

     amount 100000

     quality: 32