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Anyone else having problem with 2009 convert to sheet metal

Question asked by Carter West on Dec 21, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2008 by Carter West
I'm using the new feature found in SW2009 which can convert a solid to a sheet metal part. It does a real nice job, and fast too. However, I can't get the flattened pattern to save as a DXF/DWG, nor can I get it into a view in a drawing file. It 'says' it's a flatten pattern configuration, but it is definately not flat.

If I take the exact same part and make it via normal sheet metal practices, the flattened pattern presents as it should in all areas.

Anyone else duplicate this?

This is SW2009 SP1.0


EDIT: I did manage a work around, but it's too many steps to be viable. When in the model, right click on the "Flat-Pattern1" in the feature tree and select "export flat pattern to DXF/DWG". Then take that file and import into drawing.