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pack n go in 2017

Question asked by Nigel Ball on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by Deepak Gupta


When I was using 2016, Pack n Go was easy and straight forward. As the whole idea of parametric modelling is not to have duplicates but re-use where possible, existing parts etc etc, P&G in 2016 worked it just fine. For Example:


Current Project

1234 MyProject/Drawings/Parts (inside this folder are all of my parts / assemblies)

Reference Project

4567 MyProject/Drawings/Parts (inside this folder are parts / assemblies that exist already but I need to use in 1234 MyProject)


Now, when I P&G 1234 MyProject in 2016, I can untick the 'Flatten to a single folder' check box and the result will be a folder containing folders:

1234 MyProject/Drawings/Parts

4567 MyProject/Drawings/Parts

and in these folders are all the parts in the correct structure. in 2017, ALL reference & current project parts are 'nearly' put into the same folder, not the correct folder structure.



I don't need a P&G with referenced parts placed into a single folder with my current assy parts. I need them to stay in the correct structure. The old method worked, the one doesn't. Whats the reasoning behind the change?