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Solidworks 2017 crashes when saving eDrawings

Question asked by Jeremy Reed on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by Robert Golobek



We recently upgraded from Solidworks 2016 to Solidworks 2017 and since making the change, we have had issues where Solidworks crashes trying to save to eDrawings 2017.  This has happened on a couple of the machines in offices.  In one case, my coworker was unable to save an eDrawing, but I was able to save an eDrawing of his model.  Now, when I save a different model, I have been unable to save it through Solidworks, but I was able to save it through the eDrawings application itself.  The only issue is that the eDrawings application does not recognize configurations.   


All of the machines have been updated to Solidworks 2017 SP3.  And we have varying degrees of computers in the office (mine is about a year old, his was several years older, and everything in between.)


I was able to save a different model as an eDrawing earlier this morning, so it sounds like it might be localized to this particular file, but I am unsure.  I am not able to attach it at the moment, unfortunately.  Has anyone else encountered this issue and/or found a fix yet?