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The 6th Weekly Power-User Challenge (May 26th, 2017): Apply the Most Elegant Mating Scheme to Emulate Magnetic Attraction

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by Alin Vargatu

Hello SOLIDWORKS Power-Users and welcome to the 6th WPUC!


This week, even though some would say that we just have fun playing with assemblies, we will actually perform research that would help SOLIDWORKS Development and the SOLIDWORKS Community:

  1. Identify areas where SOLIDWORKS' functionality needs enhancements
  2. Design workarounds to overcome the current lack of functionality
  3. Stress the current mating solver and find its limits
  4. Submit new ERs or promote existing ERs that are relevant to this WPUC topics.


Due to our sponsors' generosity this week, you will have the opportunity to win multiple awards.


A. For eternal glory and 1000 points, provide the best solution to this problem:

  1. Watch this video (also attached): SOLIDWORKS 6th Weekly Power User Challenge (May 19th, 2017): Magnetic Attraction - YouTube
  2. Download the attached file Pebble.x_t
  3. Open the Pebble.x_t in SOLIDWORKS
  4. Check for and, if needed, solve any topological errors
  5. Start a new assembly
  6. Insert the Pebble part as a fixed component
  7. Make the Pebble component virtual
  8. Add 2 (two) instances of the Pebble virtual component
  9. Create a mating scheme to simulate tangent contacts between all 3 instances (each instance is tangent to the other two)
  10. Make sure that the floating instances can be dragged or rotated freely
  11. Save and upload the assembly to this thread.


  • The first power-user to upload a model meeting these conditions, will be the winner of the first 1000 point award
  • The power-user with the most elegant solution (subjective term ="the one Alin likes the most") will win another 1000 points.
  • These two awards can be combined.


B. For eternal glory and 1000 points, provide the best solution to this problem:

  1. Open the assembly you entered for contest A
  2. Continue to add Pebble instances and mate each of them to two other existing instances simulating tangent conditions
  3. After inserting each new component, check to ensure all floating instances can be dragged and rotated freely
  4. Continue until the 3rd condition (free movement) cannot be satisfied without a lag of over 2 seconds.
  5. Upload an assembly where the movement is still working fine. I know "fine" is subjective, so I will determine what "fine" is on a Dell Precision 4800.
  6. Let's see how hard is to "break" the mate solver.


  • The power-user who will upload an assembly with the most number of Pebbles free to move will win 1000 points
  • If more than one user upload assemblies with similar number of components, the winner will be the first to upload such an assembly
  • Special awards could be given for outstanding solutions.


Good luck to all! Have fun and help SOLIDWORKS get better.


Placeholder posted in the last weekend of May 2017:


John Stoltzfus asked for an easy challenge this week, so we will oblige. It will be so simple, that the key to win it, will be to be the first to post the solution.


In order to give as many power-users a chance to win, and considering that Canadians observe Victoria Day today (long weekend), we will wait for everyone to return to work before posting the problem.


So, bookmark this thread and keep an eye on it tomorrow morning. Be the first with a great solution and you will become a WUPC winner.