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Get part number used in BOM

Question asked by Xavier Rodríguez Nieto on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by Xavier Rodríguez Nieto

When you insert a BOM in a drawing, one of the parameters you can show is the "PART NUMBER" (probably the most important), the value for the "PART NUMBER" is determined in the configuration of the component and it can be the document name, the configuration name or any other manually-written value. You can also choose to link the part number to the sub-assemblies or not:



The question is: how can I get the final value assigned to the parameter "PART NUMBER"? I found this in the API help:


2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Change Configuration Properties Example (VBA)



Function BOMPartNumber(config As SldWorks.Configuration, document As SldWorks.ModelDoc2) As String

    Select Case config.BOMPartNoSource

    Case SwConst.swBOMPartNumberSource_e.swBOMPartNumber_ConfigurationName

        BOMPartNumber = config.Name

    Case SwConst.swBOMPartNumberSource_e.swBOMPartNumber_DocumentName

        BOMPartNumber = document.GetTitle

    Case SwConst.swBOMPartNumberSource_e.swBOMPartNumber_UserSpecified

        BOMPartNumber = config.AlternateName

    Case SwConst.swBOMPartNumberSource_e.swBOMPartNumber_ParentName

        Dim parentConfig As SldWorks.Configuration

        Set parentConfig = config.GetParent

        If parentConfig.BOMPartNoSource = SwConst.swBOMPartNumberSource_e.swBOMPartNumber_ParentName Then

            BOMPartNumber = BOMPartNumber(parentConfig, document)


            BOMPartNumber = parentConfig.Name

        End If

    End Select

End Function



Isn't there any more simple way to do the same? Something like a property or method in the "IModelDoc2" object or any other. It's strange that you can't access this property directly, taking into account the importance of that parameter in the production chain.