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freeform questions for Mark B

Question asked by Neil Larsen on Dec 21, 2008
Latest reply on May 22, 2009 by 1-IRI32N
I must say I quite like the additions to surfacing from 05 to 09.
Well done SW folks...its almost a pleasure to play with at 3.8ghz... however I have a few questions about freeform things today I hope you might answer..(hey come on its xmas)

How can I specify a precise location for a curve and point on a surface?
I cant see how to do this ATM..thinking back this is a little like the situation when splines really couldnt be specified properly re handles etc.- they just sort of floated out there in space somewhere in the general direction of up/down and around
Can we not have a realtime measurement along say an edge and then after placing, along the established curve to aid triad placement? maybe including say snap at x mm increments or better yet a numeric input with it?..
what I am thinking about is possibly similar to inserting a reference geometry point on a curve - distribute evenly etc.
possibly it might incorporate something like an instant 3d ruler handle or spline end like widgets...dunno..

I made a freeform experiment that used a previously established spline with a few points with the intent to drive the freeform...
turns out that if you go back and edit that spline the freeform points arent locked to it requiring manual updating of the triads although they will once again snap to the points...
Is it not technically possible to have a coincident relation rather than a snap? (or as another option) ,or is that a bug?
Also I found triads would not snap to any aforementioned reference geometry points if made...could these be included in the snap options?
The same scenario happens with snapping triad points say to and underlying box corner - ie works but wont make a coincident relation.
I think it would be cool to have an adaptive surface in this fashion - for instance using multibodies one body could be like a 3d sketeton sketch for a surface freeform deform

hope you know what I am saying there..

Can we have a partial reset for triads?
At present undo undoes the whole 'errant' manipulation
What if you only want to undo the last triad move and not the last 5 which you were careful about and happy with?
How about therefore undo steps and undo all...

Seasoned greetings to SW staff

Edit: attach are some concept pics of a realtime running distance box to aid curve and point placement -just one approach that came to mind you understand
In this example you pick an edge and slide the cursor along until the desired point
- the box gives the running position and the overall length
Having placed the curve the box then follows the point placement in similar fashion