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Why do I get similar result in Flow Simulation?

Question asked by Ardyanto Syabana on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by Ardyanto Syabana

Hello guys. This is my 1st time using Flow Simulation in Solidworks. I am tasked to simulate a lagoon with different Volume Flow inlets. For example, I've tried putting 300 m^3/s and 3000 m^3/s as the inlet and 101325 Pa Environment the outlet I use global coordinations as the inlet and the outlet reference. I included Global mesh with level 4 initial mesh as well. Whenever I vary the value of my inlet, I get the same result. I've tried decreasing the outlet and the same thing happens. In what way can this issue be overcome? Is there anything I haven't done? Am I missing something? Here's the picture for the reference.


PS:I have now uploaded the parts file and the assembly partProject(1).png@