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    sheet numbering

    Steve Krause

      I have done something to my .drwdot (or maybe .stddrt?  still not clear about where what is stored but I think it is the .dwrdot.) so that when I start a drawing the tab at the bottom for that first sheet says "Sheet 1", but adding more sheets starts with "Sheet1", and then "Sheet2", "Sheet3", .... 

      How do I fix that?


      2017-05-20 07_42_25-sxkrau-t7500 - Remote Desktop Connection.png

      2017-05-20 07_55_40-sxkrau-t7500 - Remote Desktop Connection.png


      Also I have a possibly related question.   I make some fab drawings where I bring in an assembly and I use custom properties from the assembly model to fill in fields in the first sheet of the drawing.  I then use the next sheets to bring in parts from the assembly model and do detailed dimensioning of those parts on each sheet.  I want the custom properties of the assembly that I placed on the first sheet to fill in the custom properties that are on the following sheets.  I know there is a document setting Options > Document Properties > Drawing Sheets > Multi-Sheet Custom Properties Source and I have it checked.  It still doesn't grab the custom properties from the first sheet.   Might be related to the above problem.


      Steve Krause

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          Solid Air

          Change your template back to Sheet1 (no space).


          As for your custom property issue, In the Sheet Properties dialog, under "Use custom property values from model shown in:", select the view that contains the model you want to take the custom properties from.

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            John Stoltzfus

            Your question is why is this happening, not sure but it could be your drawing format settings.  Attached is an awesome macro written by Leon Wurr that I run with every drawing file. In my multiple sheet drawings I have Cover Sheets with our ECN info plus a few other sheets and this macro renames the sheets correctly, any tab that has the word "COVER" the macro skips across them and starts at the first page of the multiple sheets.

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              Dan Pihlaja

              Something that I have noticed with Solidworks.

              This has to do with Sketches, extrudes, sheets on drawings, etc...


              Whenever you create your first feature/sheet/sketch, it will name it "....1".

              When you create your 2nd one, the program will scan through your document and, if it finds a "...1", then will create a "...2".  If it finds a "...2" then it will create a "...3", etc...


              If you rename that first feature/sketch/sheet before you create your second one, then when you create your second one, it will scan through the document and it won't find "...1".  So it will name it "...1".


              So, it looks like someone renamed "sheet1" to be "Sheet 1", then saved it as a drawing template.  Which means that when you create a 2nd sheet, it scans though the document and can't find "sheet1" so it names the new sheet "sheet1".


              Also, see # 2 in Frequently Asked Forum Questions courtesy of Glenn Schroeder.