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sheet numbering

Question asked by Steve Krause on May 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

I have done something to my .drwdot (or maybe .stddrt?  still not clear about where what is stored but I think it is the .dwrdot.) so that when I start a drawing the tab at the bottom for that first sheet says "Sheet 1", but adding more sheets starts with "Sheet1", and then "Sheet2", "Sheet3", .... 

How do I fix that?


2017-05-20 07_42_25-sxkrau-t7500 - Remote Desktop Connection.png

2017-05-20 07_55_40-sxkrau-t7500 - Remote Desktop Connection.png


Also I have a possibly related question.   I make some fab drawings where I bring in an assembly and I use custom properties from the assembly model to fill in fields in the first sheet of the drawing.  I then use the next sheets to bring in parts from the assembly model and do detailed dimensioning of those parts on each sheet.  I want the custom properties of the assembly that I placed on the first sheet to fill in the custom properties that are on the following sheets.  I know there is a document setting Options > Document Properties > Drawing Sheets > Multi-Sheet Custom Properties Source and I have it checked.  It still doesn't grab the custom properties from the first sheet.   Might be related to the above problem.


Steve Krause