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Can this can modelled in Solidworks? If not, what CAD program is best?

Question asked by Steven Milward on May 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 20, 2017 by Dave Bear


I have a bottle opener design by a company to show off the abilities of a Selective Laser Melting Machine. Please see the images in the link below.

What CAD program do you think would be best for designing such an object?

Solidworks is what i'm best at, but it looks almost impossible to achieve in solidworks due to its nice free flowing surfaces. At the same time, it still requires dimensions etc to ensure the 45 degree angles and thicknesses so an entirely modelling based program would not suffice.

I need to re-design the bottle opener, but a different lattice structure inside.

Would anyone know if it's possible in Solidworks, or what program it is possible in?


Images : pics - Google Drive