John Thornton

Composite Analysis in SW 2009 simulation

Discussion created by John Thornton on Dec 19, 2008
Analyzing composite layups in Simulation and applying factor of safeties to the composite does not work for two different surfaces defined by two different numbers of composite plies.

Given two surfaces of plies m and n, where n is less than m:

The "Worst-case across all plies" tool will show the correct distribution for the surface with (m) plies . The "Worst-case across all plies" tool shows all of the surface with (n) plies as having a 0 factor of safety. Upon closer look it is saying that the failure is occurring on a ply that does not exist (n+1).

It appears to be a bug. It is a massive pain to scroll through numerous plies to determine the min FOS. Is there a way around this or better yet a way to properly fix this?