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This box roxs!

Question asked by David Anderson on Dec 19, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2009 by Jeff Wurmser
well it finally arrived yesterday after 2 1/2 weeks, my new XI Core i7 965 EE 3.2GHz. I must say that XI builds a really, really nice system with top o' the line components and excellent tech support.

Only one small issue so far...plugged it in and it booted up right away, but no second hard drive! looked in the drive bay and saw the cable had come unplugged during shipping. plugged it in and all is well.

of course i had to run the benchmarks right away,

SW 09
scoobyworks = 16.4s
Puncholder = 60.4s

it came setup with hyperthreading on but i am not sure i need it unless i am rendering a lot, which i seldom do. think i am gonna turn it off and then run the same benchmarks to compare.

the ASUS P6T comes w/some nifty software to control the fan on the chip and monitor the chip temp and freq. when i first got it running it was as loud as hurricane. Now it is whisper quiet and the chip is running at a normal temp. It also comes with overclocking software that is very tempting. i will not be able to avoid it much longer but need to do a a bit more research before i crank it up.

this is my first foray into Vista and so far SW 64bit has been stable as has ANSYS Workbench 11.0 64bit. i have been running nonlinear FEA solves with ease. BUT time will tell.

i did have one hiccup, i mistakenly install ANSYS 32 bit rather than the 64bit. the 32 bit would not uninstall completely and the 64bit would not install at all. that set me many hours since i had already installed SW08 and 08, office and some other software.

after a reload of vista64, i reinstalled a software and it went flawlessly this time.

overall this system is pretty peppy compared to my dual Xeons. SW is almost a pleasure to use now that the entity selection delay is nearly gone. on my old machine, there were significant delays in sketching and drawings when selecting any type of entity to place a dimension. that is now nearly gone and i can start being more productive for certain.