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    SimulationXpress failure errors

    Ryan Avans
      Solidworks 2009 Professional
      Vista 64

      I used the SimulationXpress one one part like a few times, and now it just fails everytime I try to use it. It said "failed to mesh" and on the left in the red box it sais "failed faces 0 and failed edges 0" or something like that.
      Is SimulationXpress just broken?
      It tells me surface mesh successful but volume mesh failed and to reduce element size (which I did all the way down). Help!
        • SimulationXpress failure errors
          Ben Heath

          I recently had a similar problem using cosmosxpress and was almost to the point of running my PC through the band saw. This can be very frustrating! Are you able to upload your file for others to view? The issue I was having was due to a tiny face within the geometry of the part I was performing a stress test on. I was told that removing some of the features in the model (fillets, etc.) helps out. Post up a copy of the file and let us have a look!