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Stress Simulation and adding welds - Problems

Question asked by Bryan Holloway on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by J. Mather

I am having trouble understanding how to use the simulation tool.  I am trying to make an analysis of a simple model.  I have attached files and a couple screen shots showing the force and the welds.


The only way I can get the welds to work is if I take some parts and make a shell.  I just leave the shell thickness at its defaults.  I dont understand whats going on here and why it works, but after I add the welds I cant add a force to the part that I added the shell to.  I get an error saying


I attached a solid model (single piece part) of the assembly and am wondering if I analyze this, if it will be the same as analyzing the  parts as an assembly? 


Is the only reason why you add weld connections in the simulation is to check for failure in the welds?


Can someone please help recommend the best approach for this?