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    Mountain Board Guide Replacement

    Rustin Webster

      Sadly the mountain board design project was retired last year. For the last two years I was using it in an advanced (i.e. CSWA students and junior/seniors) project-based undergraduate CAD course. The guide was unique in that it was not written at a beginners level and it also introduced more advanced tools/functionality of SOLIDWORKS (e.g simulation, multi-body, rendering, motion study, etc.). Most importantly the guide was also very comprehensive and cohesive (500+ pages) from chapter to chapter. Each chapter built on the last and used the same project/product (i.e. mountain board). I have not been able to find another instructional resource (e.g. textbook, guide, etc.) that is built in a similar fashion. Most are at a beginners level or have students model different "widgets" in each chapter.


      I am hoping someone out there may know of something or willing to share their self creation.


      The mountain board guide truly gave the students a glimpse of what a real world design project may entail.




      Rustin Webster