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Mountain Board Guide Replacement

Question asked by Rustin Webster on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Rustin Webster

Sadly the mountain board design project was retired last year. For the last two years I was using it in an advanced (i.e. CSWA students and junior/seniors) project-based undergraduate CAD course. The guide was unique in that it was not written at a beginners level and it also introduced more advanced tools/functionality of SOLIDWORKS (e.g simulation, multi-body, rendering, motion study, etc.). Most importantly the guide was also very comprehensive and cohesive (500+ pages) from chapter to chapter. Each chapter built on the last and used the same project/product (i.e. mountain board). I have not been able to find another instructional resource (e.g. textbook, guide, etc.) that is built in a similar fashion. Most are at a beginners level or have students model different "widgets" in each chapter.


I am hoping someone out there may know of something or willing to share their self creation.


The mountain board guide truly gave the students a glimpse of what a real world design project may entail.




Rustin Webster