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Preventing dumb thicken

Question asked by Jordi Pérez on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by Jordi Pérez

Hi everybody,


Is there a way to prevent those tiny triangles appearing when thickening a surface with different draft angles?


I understand that this is a literal "normal-to-surface thickening" but I don't think this raw result is normally useful... it would be great to point a reference plane to unify all this rubbish faces when managing the thicken feature... or something similar.


Anyway, I guess a lot of users must be dealing with this (now or in the past) so any advice, thread, feature, etc. in order to avoid the following manual repair (deleting and adding faces) will be very welcome...


PS: Sometimes it's valid to thicken first and then cut with a plane surface, but this option is not allowed in all cases, depending on the shape.


Thank you!