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    Comparing iges - step - 3dm importations

    Jordi Pérez

      Hi everybody,


      I'm making a fast test project in order to improve my design/development workflow from Rhino to SolidWorks for plastic parts.

      I'm getting some confusing results when it's time to import the Rhino file into SolidWorks...


      1 - For this example I'm moving SURFACE BODIES, so I will apply the thicknes, draft angles, radius, etc. with SolidWorks tools... I'm testing three formats (iges, step and rhino4 -files attached-), all of them imported with the next options:




      2 - The weird thing comes now, so I'm getting different results with the same import options depending on the format. Basically two types:

           Type 1: Rhino 4 and STEP are comming with two bad faces that can't be healed, but the surface bodies are knited propperly.

           Type 2: Iges comes with a bad face that can be healed but surface bodies are knitted more than needed (look at the line separating the bottom and the top cases). Nothing seems to change if I export as "Solidworks Surfaces" or "Default" iges options when comming out from Rhino:



      TEST - 2 - SW RH4 IMPORT.JPG



      My goal here is to import with iges configuration (better surface reading, less bad faces) but respecting the original bodies organization (3 surface bodies).


      Any advices? What am I missing??



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          Paul Salvador


          .. when exporting.. pre-select what you need in Rhino.. and Export Selected... making sure extra surfaces are not exported.  (helps but not in this case)

          ..and.. also.. explode and  join.. then, check the surface for any gaps before export?  (no naked edges.. so. it's good)

          btw,.. have you also tried the Rhino 3DM import?  (nevermind.. re-read.. ok you did and it gets 2 face errors)


          STEP imports the best from my test.

          IGES.. well.. I'm not a big fan.. but it can be helpful in some cases.. and this import,.. imho.. was a good example of what can go wrong.

          3DM... is my fav and the cleanest when it works.. in this case.. it works good but has a extra face.


          I think the settings you have are good..  same as mine.

          ..and the best export.. "depends".. they are different modeling kernels translating topology and some exports work better than others.

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              Jordi Pérez

              Hi Paul,


              Step has been the best for me too on my recent experience, but many times (as the body comes more organic I guess -less planar faces-) it's better to import with IGES format, so surfaces are better read and edges too (less broken or subdivided edges, key point when it's radius time)


              I never used Rhino 4 format, so it's always giving same results as steps or worst (I don't have a long experience, but I always try) and icons are confusing if you are also working with Rhino 5 files. That would deffinitely change if I found the way to refresh an imported Rhino file into the feature manager... I've read about it with 2011 and 2012 versions... What happened with that? Unicorns??


              I think it's way worth to spend time by testing those three formats for every project, so the bridge from Rhino to SolidWorks (from concept to development in my case) is a border to cross and the geometry into SolidWorks must be as clean as possible compared with the original made into Rhino.


              Thank you!

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              Dan Pihlaja

              Can you export a parasolid rather than a STP or IGES file?

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                  Paul Salvador

                  Hey Dan...  my own response.. parasolid export is really iffy from Rhino.. and in this case and others.. (using all the options).. faces seem to go missing (in this case)... or the import into SW just fails (not in this case though)

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                    Jordi Pérez

                    Hi Dan,

                    I thought Parasolid doesn't work for surface bodies so I never tried (it's my main format to bridge NX and SolidWorks, but I never use it in this cases). So, as the .x_t format is not working in this case that's because it's a surface body or because of the Rhino parasolid export?

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                        Paul Salvador

                        ..surface exporting, with parasolid modelers, should be best.. no limitation from what I recall?  (***except for curves/points),..  so, always use parasolid when you can....but, the Rhino parasolid export.. that one just never seems to work well, imho.. although, I do keep trying or hoping to see it work.



                        ***btw,.. the help info is false.... (The Parasolid translator supports import and export of curves and wireframes)