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    Previous Version button not enabled

    Shenthil Elango



      How can we enable the Previous Version button. Right now its shows gray, though it has many versions within.


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          Jeremy Feist

          that option has to be allowed by your vault administrator.

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            Tim Webb

            Hi Shenthil,

            Your greyed out icon can mean a few things:

            1. The file in the PDM add-in has not been selected. This behavior is confusing because when the file is open in SW, you assume the file is selected when you use the PDM add-in flyout menu because the file appears to be selected but it may not be. Simply click off of the file and click it again to ensure it is selected.
            2. The "Read file contents" permission may not have been set for the group the user is in, either in the Folder permissions or the State permissions. The folder and state permissions have to match to allow the permission.


            If you are experiencing #2, in the PDM Administration tool, assuming the permissions are managed at the group level and NOT per user, open the group properties. In my case, it's the Viewers group.


            Click on Folder Permissions and check the "Read file contents" for the folders you want them to be able to read.


            Then click on State Permissions and select "Read file contents" for each state you want this group to be able to read/get. In my case, I only want members in the Viewers group to be able to read the version in the Released state. This means Viewers won't be able to read/get versions that are still in work because if they can read/get a work in process version, they can print it!


            NOTE: The file doesn't have to be in the Released state for them to read/get it, the file just has to have gone "through" the Released state and that version is the version Viewers can read/get.


            Tim CEPA

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