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Dangling dimensions/relations in edge flanges

Discussion created by Matt Gjertson on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by Matt Gjertson

This post was inspired by this discussion.  This issue is described in SPRs 687261 and 837334, the latter was created for me on 11/11/2014 (the other one I simply found on my own).


If I create an edge flange and dimension the length based of some other feature of the part, all is good.  That's parametric modeling, right?  Now, if I delete whatever feature is driving that edge flange, I see absolutely no indication that anything is wrong.  The feature manager does not show any warnings, and only if I go into the sketch of the edge flange do I see the dangling dimension.




Anyone else experience this?  If so, do you have an open SPR for it?  If not, will you please vote on the two referenced above?