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    Get property value at a single section

    Tiago Antonio



      in the image you see my project, wich is a T-micromixer, where a fluid enter one of the inlets and another fluid enters at the other inlet. They mix and exit through the outlet. What you see is a section view of a section from the outlet channel. So my question is how can I see, and export to excel the values of mass fraction of one of the fluids at that secion? Bellow what I show is a cut plot of that section. What I want instead of a graph with colours is the actual values at the cells...


      Thank you in advance

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          Bill McEachern

          put a sketch with a line or curve where you want the data then use the 2D tool in the results section to plot the data.

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            Siavash Khajehhasani

            Aside from the XY data point extracted on a sketch, which is going to be very painful to have tens of sketches on that area, I would like to suggest a bit more convenient way which has its own pros and cons.

            Use point parameter. Herein, you may initially find it useless as you has to have a valid entity (surface) at the location of interest. In that case, you can define a dummy component into your duct and exclude it from the flow sim; thereafter, use it as reference face in point parameter and extract all info on that face in terms of data point. You have few options in there, explore and see which would be most appropriate for your needs.