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    Need help inserting part into assembly layout!

    Dennis Tan

      Hi everyone,


      I am creating a jack for part of my assignment. However, I have no clue how to insert the threaded cylinder into the hole during the assembly layout as shown. Any clue how to do this? Thanks!

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          Tom McHale

          Hi Dennis,


          You can achieve the same result as capture1 by using a screw mate but I'm fairly certain you will have to leave the layout mode before you can do this. layout based assembly design allows relative movement between parts by using blocks and sketch relations and the screw mate can only be achieved within the full assembly environment. If you think about it, the layout you currently have only allows movement in one plane and this mate requires movement in more than one plane.


          It requires a simple cylindrical part but can be more complex if desired. Within the property manager you select the axis (or cylindrical face) of the screw and the axis (or cylindrical face) of the component that is supposed to rotate relative to the translating screw. If you edit the definition of the screw mate below it will be easy to see how it works.


          Screw MAte.PNG