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Why does my inlet no longer line up?

Question asked by Xuno Gildelamadrid on May 18, 2017

Hello all, I have attached (or tried to) two files. One is the original piece I had, the second one is modified version where I increased the ID of the cylinder. The hole on the wall of the cylinder is where I will be matting an inlet tube and I need this inlet tube to come in exactly tangential to the ID of the cylinder. On the drawing with the larger ID, I had to move the hole out .85 mm to accomplish this tangential goal after i increased the ID. My problem is now that the sketched hole no longer is the right size as it needs to be for the inlet tube. I realize that my arc lengths will change as I have moved outward on the cylinder but the general size (area) of my hole should not have changed.

I will try to attach another file that is the inlet piece I am using.

Any advice here would be appreciated, I think I have been working on this thing to long and the probably obvious reason is just not coming to me.