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When you experience an issue with the SOLIDWORKS software, do you search the Knowledge Base for an answer?

Question asked by Steve Holland Employee on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by Jim Steinmeyer

Hi Everyone,

We actively work to extend and improve the information in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. We publish about 100 new solutions each month, and we are on track this year to review and refresh more than 5000 old solutions. A KB search might quickly answer a question or help you solve a problem.


We want feedback about your KB search experience. Do you routinely search the KB when you need answers? If not, why? How can we make your KB experience better? Do you have an idea for a topic that you can't find any information about? Is a solution helpful? Let us know!  Here's how:


  • Each time you review a KB solution, fill out and submit the Search Feedback form that appears at the left of the solution. We review all of your submissions, and you would be surprised how few we receive. If you want a direct response from the KB team, please include your email address in the comments.


Thanks for sharing your passion and expertise in the forums! Don't forget to submit feedback!


-Steve Holland