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General VBA Question...Filter string (filename)

Question asked by Cad Admin on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by Matt Gjertson

In VBA, I know i can filter a string with for a single character.  Is there a way to filter the same string to check multiple characters in the same digit. 4th from the right must be E, S, X, P, O, H...


Currently i filter using "*-X*.sldprt",  But this give me all files with X in them.  I would like to get all files with the E, S, X, P, O, or H in the 4th digit from the right

Currently my code is   FileName = Dir(Outputpath + "*-X*.sldprt"), but i need it to check for -E,-S, -X, -P, -O, & -H


Example: ******-X***.sldprt