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    Upgraded to 2017, drawing views X'd out...

    Emma Gale

      Since upgrading from 2016 to 2017 SP3, if there has been a broken link between a model and a drawing the drawing opens with the views X'd out.

      There is no longer a message prompt to browse to the missing part and there are no messages at all supressed in the "Messages/Errors/Warnings" box in System Options)


      The steps to reproduce this niggle are as follows:


      Create model > save it as "Part1".

      Create drawing from model > Save as "Part1"

      Close all.

      I now rename the Model to "Widget" (by clicking in WE, not in SolidWorks Explorer... I know ideally I should do it in SE but... I don't wanna)

      (On opening the drawing, in 2016, it would always have prompted me to Browse to the missing file)

      In 2017 it opens the drawing straight away but with X'd out views.

      I can right click on the X'd drawing view and browse to the correct model then to repair link but the View remains X'd out. I then have to RMC and hit "Show" for it to become visible.


      I just don't want to have to do a bunch more clicking around when the initial opening message prompt would always have lead me straight to being able to repair the link.

      Is there a tick box/setting somewhere that I am overlooking?