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    How to configure entirely PDM vault

    Eugen Lupascu

      Hello to all,


      This time I have a hard request, maybe a prayer most likely.

      Our enterprise is building industrial smoke and cooking chambers, and we implemented Solidworks and PDM about 3 years ago.

      Since then we use a vault that was configured by the reseller, basic stuff. I am a Mechanical Design Engineer which they give me the task of configuring a new Vault, but I lack a lot of information. I don't know how to organize the things really and I need their aproval for every thing I do.

      I did a schematic of folders to be guided by but I lack all the other things I need, all the informations.

      I need, if you can help me a list of questions reguarding all the tasks, actions I have to do when I am considering building a Vault from the ground up.

      I did the folder data card but I can change it if needed.

      Can anyone help me with this list? I will translate it in romanian so doesn't matter if you provide it in pdf.Now I show you print-screen of the data card and the schematic I have


      This is the folder data card.


      This is the scheme of the Vault.


      Thank you!.

      Have a nice day!


      You didn't understand what I asked or this information is a part of information you do not share? I don't want to offend you in any way but I feel lost in this matter, because of the lack of information I need to build that vault. This list of question coud help me aquire the information. If I can ask the right questions I can get the right answer or information. I believe that my superiors don't have the smallest ideea what information I have to have to better organize the files. Thank you!

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          Jeff Sweeney

          Your asking us to list everything you need to think about before configuring a vault? A long boring book could be written on this topic. (I've kinda thought about actually writing one, I wonder if I could sell more than two?)


          Have you gone through the Administrator Guide? Have you taken an administrator class? (The SW class actually steps you through the process.)


          I hate to blow you off, but I think your answer is too big for a forum post. Perhaps start digging through the guide where you can ask more specific questions?