Saving copies of tool box items

Discussion created by 1-42NKKR on Dec 19, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Marcos Farina
At work we operate using a shared Toolbox location for SolidWorks and have done so for some years. This works fine generally, however as the company has grown we have started to give standard fixings (nuts, bolts & washers etc) an internal reference part number - every different type of bolt gets a part number.

We do not use configurations for parts and our part number and BOM setup works using the SolidWorks file name. As a result we have to save a copy of the toolbox item and give it a unique number (in accordance with stock control procedures) and stripping out any configuration history it might have.

I thought that this technique would work well - we don't spend time modeling standard parts already provided by SolidWorks. But two things are slight problems:
1. The copied toolbox item (save as / save as copy) retains 'knowledge of having come from the tool box.
2. I think that on occasions this is causing a toolbox and tool box configuration error messages? Especially if one toolbox item is replaced for another

Any ideas?