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    Exporting a tesselated mesh

    Kevin De Smet
      I want to export my model in a form where it is divided up into elements, Solidworks obviously does the work for me - but how can I export that model out?

      Does this require the extra module for simulation?
      Is it a different extension?

      I'm running SW 2009 SP1.0 Professional.

        • Exporting a tesselated mesh
          Hi Kevin,

          Do you mean you want to export the mesh?
          • Exporting a tesselated mesh
            Bill McEachern
            You could get a surface mesh, independent of any FEA needs, by file save as .STL.

            Otherwise, you are going to need the Professional version and even then you will need pick a "Standard" form like PATRAN nuetral file, ANSYS, ABAQUS, SDRC or NASTRAN BDF.

            It would be useful for these posts in the future that you state why you need a mesh or whatever it is that you need and then people can help you can atually help you get somwhere instead of guessing where you are going.
            • Exporting a tesselated mesh
              Kevin De Smet

              I would want my model broken down into FEA elements so it can be imported into another application to run simulations on. The model in question is an extrusion mould and what we're trying to simulate is how the fluid material will pass through the mould.

              I've tried working with .STL files but I'm guessing the algorithm used for the FEA can't deal with an already broken up simple tri-mesh.

              I tried exporting my model as a .STEP file but the external simulation package is running into problems. The model has a significant quantity of lofts and has some minor imperfections such as small faces and erratic edgeflow.

              I was just hoping SolidWorks natively could handle the model better to generate the model broken down into FEA elements so I could hand that off to the folks who are using the simulation software.

              Thanks for the interest,